1st Annual Raleigh Food and Wine Festival
(Taking Smaller Reservations)

Thursday June 25th
Four course Summer Game pre-fix dinner with wine pairings from Bordeaux Fine and Rare (Raleigh)
Scott from Foot Hills Brewing will be in house featuring the IPA of the month: Prince Wally.

Other draft beer features:  

HofBraü (Munich)
     Schneider Weisse Edelweisse Organic (Munich)
     Nickelpoint Brewing (Raleigh)

Menu courses will consist of duck, pheasant, quail, and end up with a peach Bavarian cream.
    $45 for just food
    $65 for food and wine pairings

Friday June 26th
Local and German beers with classic English and Irish pub grub, Traditional German beer garden Schmankerl, and the cheesiest grilled cheeses in the universe.

Beer features:  

Foothills Prince Wally IPA of the Month (Winston)
        Nickelpoint Brewing (Raleigh)
        Schneider Weisse Edelweisse Organic (Munich)
   HofBraü (Munich)

Saturday June 27th
Summer seafood fry and bake with Locals Seafood (Raleigh).
Seasonal fish served with wine pairings from Epiphany Wines (Raleigh)

Sunday June 28th
Closing tasting and pairing at Babylon.
See Raleigh Food and Wine Festival website for details.