It's that time of year again! Next week the 17th thru the 21st will be our

6th annual Wild Game Week. We will be offering European wine pairing from

Austria, Germany and France to go along with our classic game

preparations. We will also be tapping some seasonal Fall casks from local

and German breweries, such as Foothills and Hofstetten.

The game schedule is as follows:

Nights subject to change depending on availibility and busy-ness

Tuesday: Boar, rabbit , venison

Wednesday: Rabbit, Venison, quail

Thursday: Quail, pheasant, venison, bison

Friday: Rabbit, Bison, Venison, frog legs

Saturday: Quail, boar, venison, rabbit


Kids in the community are gearing up to head back to school -- so let’s get together and surround them with the encouragement and love they deserve! 

Please join us this Saturday, August 6th at Davie Street Park from 4 - 8 PM with our friends from Good Times Assurance Co., Helping Hand Mission, CAM Raleigh, Monarch Property Co. and Triangle Ultimate as we eat, draw, and play with plenty of games and activities for kids of all ages and all skills … from basketball and football to ultimate frisbee and foursquare, it should be a fun-filled day at the park!

Proceeds from a suggested donation of $10.00 - $20.00 will go to Helping Hand Mission to pay for school supplies for the kids! (The suggested donation includes food, beverage, tax + tip, but please feel encouraged to donate whatever you're comfortable with - as always, no amount is too great, nor too small.)

If you like good food and having fun, please RSVP HERE: recessraleigh2016.goodtimesassurance.co 

It’s time for RECESS! So come on out and play!

Nick Neptune

Good Times Assurance Co.

Sylvia Wiggins

Helping Hand Mission of Raleigh

Jake Wolf + Shannon Wolf

Capital Club 16